London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival

The Music

‘Dead Drop Love’ is the new single/ep/movie package from Norwegian artist Simeon Kirkegaard. The track is an upbeat espionage-themed song using the metaphor of the ‘dead drop’ to say you don’t always know who you love.


Single Out January 26th


The track is written by Simeon Kirkegaard and his collaborator Feileacán McCormick and features over 70 musicians, including the BRNO Philharmonic with orchestral arrangement by Fiachra Trench and lead vocals by Norwegian singer Tonye. The track is produced by Simeon Kirkegaard and co-produced by Alwyn Walker at Westland studios, mixed by Cenzo Townshend at Decoy Studios and mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios.

The Film

The music is accompanied by a dark comedic, musical short film based upon the classic spy movie trope. Simeon Kirkegaard plays the main character of the slightly “rough around the edges” agent Blue who is trying to stop the villainous ‘Dr. Calamari’ from creating an evil, nuclear seafood empire. With references to older James Bond movies and a light dusting of Sin City, the intention has been to create a small “briefcase of espionage” when combined with the music; through the listening experience of the single or by watching the short film scored by the single and its interludes. The film was written and directed by Crooked Gentlemen and had it’s premiere at Notodden Kino in Norway on thursday, february 8th 2018.

  • Agent Blue
    Agent Blue Simeon Kirkegaard
  • Dr. Calamari
    Dr. Calamari Johnny Elliot
  • Woman
    Woman Emma Elizar
  • Senor Puss
    Senor Puss Jed Murray
  • Herr Humpty
    Herr Humpty Rory Lonergan
  • Mustang & Ormondo
    Mustang & Ormondo Sodem Solana & Tiny James
  • Agent Blue, how kind of you to join us!

    Dr. Calamari Nuclear Seafood Inc

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